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15 Must-Have Internet Marketing Tools – Best Of 2022

The Best Digital Marketing Software 2022

In the world of digital marketing tools, staying ahead of the curve is essential for success. That’s why in the world of Marketers, staying ahead of the curve is essential, That’s why I’ve compiled a list of the best marketing Tools

There are many different tools and resources available, and it can be difficult to know which ones are the best. In this blog post, we will explore the best of 2022 and show you how they can help you achieve success.

We will cover everything from SEO to email marketing. So whether you’re just starting out or you’ve been in the game for a while, this list is sure to have something for you.

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Digital Marketing tools for Copywriting

Digital Marketing Tools For Copywriting


ClosersCopy is an Artificial Intelligence Copywriter that helps you create compelling copy quickly and easily. With just a few clicks you can create beautiful ads, blog posts, landing pages, webpages and more! You can even edit the text in any of these files directly from within the program.

There are no limitations with ClosersCopy. No matter how big or small your project is, you’ll be able to make it happen.

ClosersCopy currently has 3 AI models: SalesAI, BlogAI, and StoryAI. These are all really useful in the right situation and can be switched at any time from the editor.

You have 3 pricing plans to choose from

The Starter Plan

$29.99/Month (billed once a year with 30% off)
75 runs per month
And more

The Pro Plan

$34.99/Month (billed once a year with 30% off)
200 runs per month
And more

The Unlimited Plan

$55.99/Month (billed once a year with 30% off)
Unlimited runs per month
3 Additional seats
And more
(This plan allows for unlimited use, 3 teammates plus team features.)

ClosersCopy Lifetime Deal on Professional and Unlimited Plan

The Closerscopy LTD (lifetime deal)

I love Lifetime Deals! My personal reason is because there is no telling when I’ll be taking a long extended break and keeping it 100 the LTD is the digital marketers secret weapon.

During my break I don’t have to worry about paying monthly subscription fee’s for tools! For marketers it’s the best value for money, especially when you go for the unlimited plan. Click Here For the LTD

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Marketing Automation

Digital Marketing Tools For Automation


HubSpot is an inbound marketing App that helps businesses attract website visitors, convert leads, and close customers. It does this by providing a suite of tools including:

  • A website builder
  • Landing page builder
  • Blogger
  • Marketing automation
  • CRM
  • Social media tools

In addition to these tools, HubSpot also provides training and support to help you use them effectively.

Overall, HubSpot is an excellent software company with a wide range of tools that are well suited for small and medium businesses. The software is easy to use and can be configured to meet the needs of most businesses. 

HubSpot Pricing

HubSpot has three pricing tiers: Basic, Pro, and Enterprise. 

The Basic plan is $200/month and includes access to the core tools listed above. 

The Pro plan is $800/month and includes everything in the Basic plan, plus marketing automation and CRM tools. 

The Enterprise plan is priced according to your needs, and includes additional features like customer segmentation and A/B testing.

If you’re not sure which plan is right for you, HubSpot offers a free trial so you can test the tools out before committing to a subscription.

Internet Marketing Tools For Project Management
Project Management

Digital Marketing Tools For Project Management



Pricing: Starts at $19 a month

Plutio is a project management App that helps you manage your projects, team, and clients in one place. It includes features like time tracking, invoicing, and task management to help you stay organized and productive..

Some of the features of Plutio include:

  1. A task board that allows you to organize your tasks by stage or priority
  2. A calendar view that shows you all your deadlines and tasks scheduled for each day
  3. A notes function that lets you keep track of all your ideas and thoughts related to the project
  4. A file storage system that lets you store all your project files in one place
  5. A commenting system that lets you communicate with team members and clients easily
  6. A task list export feature that lets you export your task list into a CSV file for use in other software programs

If you’re looking for a project management suite that help you manage all of your projects, team and clients in one place, Plutio is a good option. It includes features like time tracking, invoicing, and task management to help you stay organized and productive.

Digital Marketing Tools For Email Marketing

Intuit Mailchimp

Mailchimp is a email software that allows you to create and send newsletters, marketing emails, and other automated emails. It’s very popular, and it’s used by millions of people around the world.

Pricing: Free to $299

The Benefits of Using Mailchimp

There are a number of benefits to using Mailchimp, including:

  • It’s free for up to 2,000 subscribers
  • It’s easy to use
  • It includes a wide variety of templates
  • It includes a wide variety of features

Mailchimp has a lot of features, including templates, testing, analytics, forms for lead generation and autoresponders. It’s also very easy to use. You can create a campaign in minutes, and there are detailed instructions if you need help..



Echwid by Lightspeed

If you’re looking for an easy way to start selling online, Ecwid is a great option. They have a wide range of features, including the ability to sell on Facebook and other social media platforms, as well as integrate with a wide range of third-party apps and services.

There are three pricing plans: Basic, Plus, and Pro. The Basic plan is free, while the other two plans have monthly fees. All plans include unlimited products, storage, and bandwidth, as well as 24/7 customer support.


  • Free 
  • 10 products 
  • No transaction fee


  • $15/month 
  • 100 products 
  • 25GB storage 
  • No transaction fee 


  • $35/month 
  • 1000 products 
  • 25GB storage 
  • No transaction fee


  • $99/month 
  • Unlimited products 
  • 25GB storage 
  • No transaction fee

Marketing Tools For Graphics

Crello (Vistacreate)


Crello is a user-friendly online graphic design software that is perfect for creating flyers, social media posts, logos, and more. With Crello, you can create professional-quality designs without having to learn complex design software.

Canva Business


Canva is a great marketing tool for creating designs for any purpose, whether you’re designing a logo, creating an advertisement, or just putting together a presentation. The simple and intuitive interface makes it easy to get started, and there are a wealth of templates and design assets available to help you get the results you need.

Canva offers a free and paid subscription plan. The free subscription includes access to most of the templates and tools on the platform. Paid subscriptions start at $12.95/month and offer additional features, such as the ability to upload custom fonts and team collaboration tools.

Overall, I found Canva to be an excellent platform for creating professional graphics. The free version offers more than enough features to get the job done, and the paid subscription options offer even more flexibility and power if you need it. I highly recommend giving Canva a try if you need to create any kind of graphic design.

Marketing Tools For Advertising

Google AdWords

Google AdWords

If you’re running a small business, there’s a good chance you’re using Google Adwords to bring in new customers with online marketing. Adwords can be a great way to get in front of your target audience quickly and easily, but it’s not without its risks.

The Good:

You Can Target Your Audience Precisely

With Adwords, you can target your audience precisely by keywords, location, and even demographics with each marketing campaign. This means you can be sure that your ads are reaching people who are actually interested in what you have to offer.

The Bad:

AdWords Can Be Quite Costly

AdWords can be quite costly, especially if you’re not careful about how you set up your campaigns. It’s very easy to blow through your budget quickly if you’re not targeting the right keywords or using the wrong settings.

Should You Try Google AdWords?

Google AdWords can be an extremely effective way to reach new customers. It allows you to place ads in front of people who are already looking for your product or service. However, it can also be expensive if you’re not careful it’s one of the tools I have a free course for and I recommend you watch.

At the end of the day, only you can decide whether or not it’s the right marketing strategy for your business.

Ready to get started with Google AdWords? Click here to create your first campaign!

Google Analytics 

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is one of the free tools that google offers, it’s a marketing analytics service offered by Google that tracks and reports website traffic. It is the most widely used website analytics service on the web.

Google Analytics is broken down into four main sections: 

  • Audience
  • Acquisition
  • Behavior
  • Conversions.

Audience: This section provides data about your website’s visitors, such as their age, gender, interests, and how they found your website.

Acquisition: This section provides data about how your visitors found your website, such as through a search engine or social media.

Behavior: This section provides data about what your visitors do on your website, such as which pages they visit and how long they stay on each page.

Conversions: This section provides data about how your website’s traffic results in sales or other desired outcomes, such as subscribing to a newsletter.

There are many different reports available in GA, and each report provides valuable insights about your website’s traffic. For example, the “Audience” report shows demographic data about your website’s visitors, while the “Traffic Sources” report shows where your visitors are coming from.

One of the best things about GA is that it’s constantly evolving. Google regularly releases new features and updates, so make sure to keep an eye on the GA blog for announcements.

Tools For Social Media Marketing



Price: Starts free and goes up to $199/month

Buffer is a web-based application that allows users to create posts and share them on multiple social media platforms simultaneously. Posts can be scheduled in advance, so you can plan your content strategy well in advance.

Buffer is free for up to three social media accounts, and has paid plans that allow for more accounts and additional features.



Price: Starts at $29 per month, or custom enterprise pricing

Hootsuite is one of the most popular social media management platforms in the world. It allows users to manage their social media accounts from a single dashboard, making it easy to post updates, schedule posts, and track analytics.

How Does Hootsuite Work?

Hootsuite operates as a web-based platform that you can access from any computer or mobile device with a wifi or cell signal. You simply need to create an account on the Hootsuite website, then add your social media accounts (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc.) to your dashboard. Once added, you can then start posting updates, scheduling posts, and tracking analytics.



Slack is a team messaging app with a lot of features. It’s perfect for remote marketing teams, as you can have conversations with people in different parts of the world in real time. You can also share files, videos, and links with ease.

The app has a free and paid version. The free version is good for small teams, but the paid version has more features, such as unlimited messages and file storage.

Why is Slack so popular?

Slack is popular because it makes communication and collaboration easier. Here are some of the key benefits:

1. It’s fast – Slack is simple to set up. You can get started without having to learn any new skills.

2. It’s great for teamwork – Slack lets you easily communicate with your team members, share files, and collaborate on projects.

3. It’s reliable and secure – Slack is reliable and secure, and your data is always protected.

4. You can access it anywhere – You can access Slack from any device, anywhere in the world.

Overall, Slack is an excellent team messaging app with a lot of features that makes it perfect for remote teams. The free version is good for small teams, but the paid version has more features, such as unlimited messages and file storage.

Content Marketing Research


There are a lot of different ways to research content marketing ideas. Some people prefer Google search, others prefer forums or social media.

My favorite way to come up with content ideas is BuzzSumo. BuzzSumo is a website that lets you see the most popular content across all social media platforms.

There are a number of reasons you might want to leverage BuzzSumo for content research: 

  • To get ideas for new content topics 
  • To see what content is performing well for your competitors 
  • To see which social media platforms are most effective for sharing your content 
  • To determine the best time to share your content
  • To measure the engagement of your content

You can see the most popular content for any topic, or you can see the most popular content for any website. 

Paid plans for Buzzsumo start at $79 bucks.


​​If you are in the business of SEO, then you have probably heard of Ahrefs. It is one of the most popular and largest. It’s the second largest web crawler next to Google.

Ahrefs is a tool that helps you research your competitor’s website. It shows you all the backlinks that your competitor has, as well as all the keywords that they are ranking for. It also shows you the traffic stats for each website, and how much competition exists for each keyword.

The pricing 

Ahrefs starts at $99/month for the “Lite” plan, which gives you access to 3 reports per day and 10,000 rows per report. The 

“Standard” plan costs $179/month and gives you access to 5 reports per day and 50,000 rows per report. 

The “Advanced” plan costs $399/month and gives you access to 10 reports per day and 500,000 rows per report. 

And finally, the ” Agency” plan costs $999/month and gives you access to 30 reports per day and 2 million rows per report.

So is it worth the price?

Well, that depends on your needs. If you are just starting out in SEO, then the Lite plan may be enough for you. But if you are looking for more data or want to track more competitors, then you will need to upgrade to a higher plan..

So if you are serious about SEO, then I would definitely recommend investing in Ahrefs. It may be expensive compared to some other tools out there, but it is well worth the price tag.



Yoast for SEO is a plugin for WordPress that helps you with your website’s search engine optimization. Yoast helps you write better content by giving you feedback on how well you’ve optimized your post for certain keywords. It’s one of the most popular plugins for WordPress, and for good reason – it’s incredibly helpful.

Once you’ve installed and activated the plugin, you’ll see a new Yoast for SEO tab in the dashboard.

The Yoast for SEO dashboard has five sections:

1. General

2. Content

3. Social

4. XML Sitemaps

5. Tools

Price is free and there are premium offerings once you install it

Wrap It Up

As an marketer, you know that having the right Apps is essential to your success. In this post, I’ve shared with you my personal list of the best kit.

I’ve tried and tested many different applications over the years, and these are the ones that I keep coming back to time and time again. So whether you’re just starting out or you’ve been in the game for a while, I hope you found something useful in this list.

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