ClosersCopy Review 2022 (Honest Review and Best Deal with Bonuses)

ClosersCopy is a unique copywriting software that creates copy like never before! With a simple click of the mouse it helps you become a better copywriter, you can even write a blog post like this (wink)!

The ClosersCopy AI is a feature Rich copywriting software!

The use of artificial intelligence has revolutionized the digital marketing space. It is now possible to produce high quality content, a well written sales letter, marketing copy, blog post, or e-mail in a matter of seconds. This means that a business owner no longer needs a full-time professional copywriter to produce high-quality content.

I wanted to do this ClosersCopy review because I actually use it. I own other copywriting software but I mainly use Closers Copy.

Alternatives to Closers Copy are Jasper ai formally conversion ai and  Jarvis ai, rytr ai, Shortly ai, and Frase ai copywriting tools but my experience with them is minimal. I watched a few video comparisons and honestly, most people are under utilising the tool, which is the reason for this review!

Let’s Get Into It!

What is ClosersCopy AI Copywriting Tool?

ClosersCopy uses artificial intelligence to help you create compelling copy quickly and easily. With just a few clicks you can create sales copy, social media posts, landing pages, long form content and more! You can even edit the text in any of these files directly from within the program.

With this ai writer, you’ll be able to save money by spending less time creating content and more time promoting your products. Features

Closers Copy is an ai writing tool designed to make it quick and easy to create copy. With the unlimited number of templates (you have to get the unlimited plan though ), this is a great tool for any business looking to optimize their content generation process.

There are no limitations with ClosersCopy. No matter how big or small your project is, you’ll be able to make it happen.

Use over 30+ sales frameworks, automate with AI, and turn conversations into offers.

ClosersCopy currently has 3 AI models: SalesAI, BlogAI, and StoryAI. These are all really useful in the right situation and can be switched at any time from the editor.

Frameworks tool: There are over 300 frameworks that can create outlines, social media descriptions and post, or even Facebook and Googles ads. Frameworks are what set ClosersCopy apart from the others but more on that later.

Workflows tool: Are custom frameworks put together to make steps that walk you through answering a few questions to generate unique content and sales copy.

Insights tool: You can analyze your content to check if there are over saturated words and the tone of the copy or longform blog post.

Wizard tool: The wizard gets you acclimated to the software and will have you putting out top notch content in minutes.

Teams: You can have 3 teammates on your account with the unlimited plan.

120+ Languages: ClosersCopy is not only for English speakers, It can be translated into over 120 languages.

UI/UX (User Experience and Interface) of

ClosersCopy is an awesome tool for bloggers and copywriters. The interface is easy to get around. kinda fits like a glove (Intuitive), I’m sure you will be up and running in a few minutes.

I have used it for a while.

Here are my thoughts about the UI:

ClosersCopy review

1. After opening the ClosersCopy Document editor the bar along the top is where you will find all of your editing features, starting from left to right is the best way to dive in. You have undo and redo arrows and then the spell check which works in 12 languages including German, Danish, Polish etc…

You have easy access to your Heading tags as well with your right click but more on that later… you can adjust your font size and as you continue you have your familiar paragraph editor.

2. Moving along you can select the Bold and Italic as well as add links, change headings, paragraph and blockquote.

3. Along the editor’s left sidebar is where things get interesting, all the features that make this AI Copywriting tool so powerful. From Top to bottom you have the compete function which analyzes your competition and give you detailed instruction on how to construct your blog or sales copy.

the Longform feature for writing long blogs or sales letters, Frameworks, workflow and insights. one of the features that nobody mentions is the libraries and templates feature, there is also a Thesaurus and Words feature that gives you power and sensory words to add to your Longform Blog post and Ad Copy.

the Longform feature for writing long blogs or sales letters, Frameworks, workflow and insights. one of the features that nobody mentions is the libraries and templates feature, there is also a Thesaurus and Words feature that gives you power and sensory words to add to your Longform Blog post and Ad Copy.

4. On the right side of the document editor is where the output from the

Compete, Longform, Frameworks and Insight show up etc …

5. ClosersCopy does not waste screen real estate, At the bottom of the document editor you are going to find the BlogAI, SalesAI and StoryAI which are all trained to output the best ai content for each category. To the right of that you’ll see the document name, Character and word count with and without highlighted words.

How Much Does ClosersCopy Cost?

You have 3 pricing plans to choose from

The Starter Plan

  • $29.99/Month (billed once a year with 30% off)
  • 75 runs per month
  • Compete
  • Longform
  • Frameworks
  • Workflows
  • Insights
  • Wizard
  • And more

The Pro Plan

  • $34.99/Month (billed once a year with 30% off)
  • 200 runs per month
  • Compete
  • Longform
  • Frameworks
  • Workflows
  • Insights
  • Wizard
  • And more

The Unlimited Plan

  • $55.99/Month (billed once a year with 30% off)
  • Unlimited runs per month
  • Compete
  • Longform
  • Frameworks
  • Workflows
  • Insights
  • Wizard
  • 3 Additional seats
  • And more

(This plan allows for unlimited use, 3 teammates plus team features.)

ClosersCopy Lifetime Deal on Professional Plan and Unlimited Plan

The Closerscopy LTD (lifetime deal)

I love Lifetime Deals! My personal reason is because there is no telling when I’ll be taking a long extended break from my Internet Marketing stack which includes ClosersCopy.

During my break I don’t have to worry about paying monthly subscription fee’s! For Solo-prenuers it’s the best value for money, especially when you go for the unlimited plan.

By The way ClosersCopy On AppSumo wont be happening Again!

Normally LTD’S have more usage than the monthly plans and you can start a small side hustle with ClosersCopy, writingads for people.

Start a Freelancing Gig with the copywriting AI tool. ..

Best of all.. there are no Up-sells and you will be grandfathered in for all future updates.

My Personal Experience and 
ClosersCopy Examples

My journey with AI copywriting tools started on APPSUMO…

I bought a few tools and tried them out, I also saw a few ads on facebook for ClosersCopy and decided to give it a shot. I thought it was like all the other tools with the same ole Frameworks until I saw that you can build your own Frameworks using a voice of your choice.

“Is ClosersCopy Is Better than Jasper ai?”

That’s where the rubber meets the road! No other¬†Copywriting¬†AI¬†tool¬†offers this AMAZING¬†feature. It’s not a matter of just telling the software to write something, it needs context and then it will write anything you ask it to without much help…

“The Proof is in The Pudding”

Headlines written by ClosersCopy AI

Topic: Learn How To Fix Your Credit
Headline: How To Improve Your Credit Score By 100 Points And Earn $5,000 In Savings Over The Next 6 Months By Following This Simple Guide!

Topic: How To Start A Business With No Money
Headline: How I Got Started In Network Marketing With Zero Cash & No Prior Experience & Made Over $50,000 in Less Than 4 Months!

Topic: How To Write Headlines
Headline: A Simple, Easy-To-Follow System For Creating Effective, Eye-Catching Headlines That Make Your Story Come Alive!

Email written by ClosersCopy AI

Dear Subscriber:

I was once asked what the 3 elements are that make up the best
I replied that, although I didn’t know what they were,
I knew what they were not:
They weren’t flashy, they weren’t clever, and they weren’t nventive.
…What they were, was effective
And that’s why I believe today, that the only way to become a
better writer is to write — a lot — and regularly.
Anything that requires you to write regularly — and preferably,
daily — helps improve your writing.
So, if you are serious about becoming a better writer, start writing today!

C-ya Soon,

P.S. To get my free “3 elements of copywriting” E-Book,

just click here now:

Blog Post written by ClosersCopy AI

Topic: Apremont-sur-Allier An extraordinary garden

Blog Body: The Ch√Ęteau is surrounded by a beautiful floral park, planted with thousands of roses and other flowers from different parts of the world, in the tradition of Vita Sackville-West.

The gardens, which were planted around the end of the nineteenth century, have been maintained by the descendants of Eugène Schneider, who restored the castle and planted the park between the First and Second World Wars.

The park is one of the main tourist attractions of the region.

The floral park is also home to a large collection of rare plants, including rare palms from the Americas and Asia, and an amazing Orchidarium.

The largest English garden in the world.

It is in the heart of Berry that Apremont nestles, in a grove landscape close to the confluence of the Loire and Allier rivers.

In the French countryside near the town of Saint-Genest-Champel, lies an amazing piece of engineering. The “round lock” as it’s more commonly known, was built by order The Emperor Napoleon in 1838, and can now be visited by travelers passing through on their way to the village of Apremont

It would rotate the boats to facilitate movement. Alas today it has been abandoned for canal boats. If it was in its original state, it would be the only one in existence of its size in France today.

My Conclusion and Summary

The creator of the software Nico Engler regularly updates and adds new game changing features! As stated above, I love a lifetime deal and ClosersCopy’s LTD is no different! Hands down The Unlimited Deal is the best bang for your hard earned bucks…

I’ve given you the postcard but lets keep it real, no ai writer is going to be perfect, not eben jasper ai! You have to put in work, 80% Artificial intelligence and 20% you.

If you learn how to write your own prompts then you can get good writing out of any tool using the open ai model.

I hope this review helped you make a decision, If you decide that ClosersCopy is right for you get started now.

BONUS : if you invest with my link, email your receipt to me and I will give you all my framework recipes and a step-by-step video guide on how to build more for yourself and your business.

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