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Good Marketing Apps For Small Businesses in 2022

Here are 10 good marketing apps for small businesses in 2022 to help entrepreneurs grow their businesses in an era of rapid change and innovation.

Many small businesses struggle to attract new customers because they don’t have the resources to create effective marketing campaigns and sales materials. But with the right tools, you can do it yourself without hiring a full-time marketing professional.

In 2022, Most business owners will be using their mobile devices as they interact with their customers.

Over the past decade, technology has come a long way. In the past five years alone, smartphones have become so much more than just another tool. They have become a necessity in many ways. Especially since Covid-19 spread across the globe. The devices we hold in our hands today are actually mini computers and I think they can replace the trusty laptop! 

You don’t have to be a digital nomad to enjoy the tools they use! Apps (Applications) make it possible to make the solo-preneur a powerhouse to be reckoned with!

Can You Market Your Small Business With Mobile Apps?

Trying to juggle data between 3 maybe 4 devices (Laptop, Ipad, Desktop Computer and Smartphone) can get messy, a few years ago during a vacation, leads fell through the cracks and my customer service started to lag.

A lot of marketing content is on-the-fly nowadays, a simple photo or hand held vertical video (don’t get me started! 😂) can go viral and drive tons of traffic to your small business.

Managing your online marketing effort is easier when you have the best marketing apps at your disposal. Whether you are looking at doing email marketing, video marketing, social media marketing, affiliate marketing, or content marketing, there are lots of apps to help you.

For business owners and entrepreneurs, there are thousands of cool apps to make your work life easier. But which are worth using? Here’s our list of 10 good marketing apps for 2022.

Back in the days there were only a few marketing channels to choose from, but today you have social media marketing, email marketing, affiliate marketing, Vlogs on Youtube and content marketing…

All of these channels have Apps to help the small business solopreneur or entrepreneur with their marketing but are they up to the task? Here’s my list of good marketing apps for small business in 2022.

List of 10 Good Marketing Apps for 2022

1. Buffer 

Buffer is a heavy weight in the social media scheduling space, Its predominantly used to update, create and schedule posts on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Tumblr, Google+, YouTube, LinkedIn, Foursquare, and more. You can also analyze statistics to see how well your audience responded to your post.

publish your posts in the format you want — text, images, links, etc. The app will automatically schedule the posts, which will be sent at times that are most likely to reach your target audience.

2. Facebook Ads Manager

There is no denying that Facebook & Instagram ads are one of the best ways to get your business noticed. With the Facebook Ads App You can choose from several ad types to target your audience, depending on what type of message you want to send. You can also set your budget and time frame to ensure you’re not wasting your money. 

If you are on vacation anywhere around the world or just having a coffee at your local Starbucks, you can receive notifications on your smartphone.  As a bonus you can also grab the Facebook Pages App to monitor customer service or manage leads that come in through your business facebook page.

3. Crello (Now VistaCreate)

VistaCreate is a powerful graphics creation software. It lets you easily create stunning graphics and other content in minutes! With over 50,000 templates and a growing number of professionally designed themes, you’ll be able to create a wide range of designs on the fly.

YouTube Intros and Thumbnails, Facebook & Instagram Ads and Post, even offline channels like posters, invitations and postcards.

4. ClosersCopy AI – Copywriting Software

ClosersCopy is a unique software that creates copy like never before! With a simple click of the mouse you can create-copy that converts like crazy or even write a blog post like this (wink)!

ClosersCopy uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) that helps you create unique compelling copy quickly and easily. With just a few clicks you can create beautiful ads, blog posts, landing pages, marketing funnels, web-pages, emails and more! You can even edit the text in any of these files directly from within the program.

With this tool, you’ll be able to save money by spending less time creating content and more time promoting your products. 

5. Plutio (Project Management)

Plutio is a cloud-based project management software for small businesses. It allows team members to collaborate and create proposals using a shared workspace. Features include a real-time collaboration component and time-sheet functionality.

The application is an easy-to-use project management system that helps stakeholders manage their projects. It offers electronic signatures, customizable templates, archiving, collaboration, permission management, email reminders and more.

Moreover, Plutio offers a mobile applications on Android or iOS devices for employees to view tasks and schedule events, while on the go!

 Plutio comes with an  (API), which connects to third-party applications: Google Calendar, Facebook, Google Drive and more. Pricing is geared to the small business entrepreneur with several subscriptions to choose from and support is a pretty thorough knowledge base, SERIOUSLY Active Facebook group and online chat widget.

6. Mailshake (Cold Outreach)

No sales means NO BUSINESS! More than that, there is no Blog without backlinks and you won’t get backlinks if you don’t reach out and engage influencers and other content  marketers. no matter what business you are in, you need exposure…

Mailshake is a business growth platform that helps you sell more through direct sales, phone, email and social media. With a new product launch, a big new customer, or a new distribution channel, it’s critical to have the best marketing on-boarding strategy to get results.

Mailshake helps to generate sales by sending emails to a list of contacts at one time, but that’s not where it shines, you can personalize emails and schedule auto follow up sequences, you can cold call with the built in phone dialer, You can also reach out on social media via LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook.

Mailshake includes the ability to scale your cold email campaigns, omni-channel campaigns that will connect with your prospects where they are, more importantly Mailshakes integrations allow you get the data where you want it when you want it! 

On top of all that they have a very comprehensive training program to get you up and running quickly.

7. Encharge (Marketing Automation)

There are a ‘Ga-Zillion’ choices for email marketing and I’ve tried MOST of them, but Solopreneurs and Entrepreneurs need more than email marketing, we need Marketing Automation.

But Marketing automation is only a piece of the equation, the other half is integration’s, and Encharge has you covered.

Encharge is a marketing automation platform designed for Solopreneurs, Using the clients behaviors to send emails and meet them exactly where they are in the marketing or sales funnel. It is the first marketing automation platform for startups that integrates with the applications they already use NATIVELY, meaning no Pabbly, Zapier or any other connecting software!  

The tracking is the best I have ever seen, By knowing where your prospects and customers are, you can send nurturing emails at the right time or get them signed up to services you offer.

EnCharge makes it easy to interact with your customers through messages on Facebook. It also allows you to monitor social actions like whether someone read your message, like your page or click on your ads. This helps you gain a better understanding of your customer’s needs and interests.

The platform assures active integration with over 48+ external tools including Chargebee, Intercom, Stripe, Salesforce, Hubspot and others.

8. Convertri (Fastest Landing Pages)

Convertri is a funnel and landing page builder that boast to be the fastest (and backs it up!) that helps you create landing pages from scratch and helps convert your website visitors to paying customers.

Lets talk about the pink elephant in the room, Clickfunnels… Yes Convertri is faster! as a matter of fact Russel Brunson (ClickFunnels Co-Founder) admitted it in a recent video, Clickfunnels is overpriced and more concerned with up-selling you something than actually caring about the product and its slow and clunky.. 

Convertri’s Features

– Infrastructure

Speed! Convertri has the fastest pages out of all the page builders

Convertri has a content delivery network (CDN) which means that the content in your pages will be placed on different servers around the world so they can be served faster depending on where your visitors are. 

– Drag and Drop Page Editor

This is my favorite Convertri feature. As a matter of fact, the reason they made it is because one of the co-founders was using a different page maker and couldn’t put things where he wanted them.  you can drag and drop things ANYWHERE and there is a nice snap to feature to make sure you have things centered etc.. 

– Templates

Some folks don’t like the free-form page editor because it can be a little overwhelming if you haven’t used one or are not a page designer and I have to admit building from scratch ain’t fun.

Convertri has you covered here! They have a variety of page templates for you.

  • Sales funnel templates. Have an e-book? There’s an e-book funnel template. Selling an info product on a auto webinar? There’s an Auto-Webinar funnel template, Selling software as a service? There’s a SAAS software funnel template. 
  • Page templates. Convertri has 200+ page templates available. examples are, coming soon pages, opt-in pages, sales pages, thank you pages, and more.
    And as you can expect from Convertri, the pages and templates are lightening fast. They are also gorgeous.

9. ConvertBox (Lead Generation)

ConvertBox is a cloud based automated lead capture tool. As your visitors browse through your site its purpose is to engage them and help convert them to repeat customers.

Why does ConvertBox works so well?

It uses filters and tracking to create a personalized experience for your prospects with smart onsite messages, discounts and creative lead capture forms, if you have been paying attention, the tools in my marketing stack walk the prospects through my marketing funnel with a unique experience without getting to deep in the weeds..

ConvertBox is more than a form builder, I started using it to convert prospects with a coupon when they were sitting on my cart page for longer than 2 minutes, It’s also a tool that can increase conversions overnight.

I left the best bit for last! ConvertBox Lifetime deal is very attractive, as a Solopreneur and small business owner I always try and cut down on the monthly cost.

10. ThriveCart (Shopping Cart and LMS)

Thrivecart is a cloud based shopping cart, you can easily create high-converting checkout pages and funnels and then collect payments using Stripe, Authorize.Net and Paypal.

Thrivecart is not for an ecommerce store like Shopify, its more for selling one-off physical products like a Book and digital products like an E-book, Course or Audio Book.

Features include:

  • Funnel Builder 
  • One-Click Up-sells
  • Order Bump Offers 
  • Dunning
  • Abandoned Cart Notifications

I’m not going to go through everything it can do, what I will do is tell you that I wanted to replace Clickfunnels a few years ago because it was too expensive and Thrivecart fit the bill, Its hands down the best investment I ever made for my business and it paid for itself in the first year. Yes I’ll say it .. ThriveCart is better than Clickfunnels! 

Super Charge Your Internet Marketing Results

All these marketing applications can help run your small business from your mobile device while working remotely or traveling in 2022. You can create, analyze, adjust, and keep in-touch with your clients while you’re on the road. you can use marketing automation tools right from your iPad or smartphone.

As tech companies continue to innovate and evolve, it’s a no brainer to work remotely and spend more time doing what you enjoy by working ON your small business not IN small business.

Footnote: On Smartphone Apps (Meaning I like iPad more for a mobile office)

When you use third-party apps for instance to go live perhaps on YouTube, you and viewers get a better and more organized experience, making it easier for you to engage with video in real time. You can go live using your iPhone or iPad using the native apps like YouTube Studio.

The iPhone Notes app is great if you need to take notes on the go, or even the native voice recorder to take quick notes (I think its on android as well)

Buffer as I mention above does have a mobile app and the ability to edit, reorder, and add from a mobile device is a great advantage when you suddenly come across a new idea.

I know everyone added this on their list so I wanted to add Canva as a BONUS: Whether you need wedding invitations, book covers, memes, brochures, or anything in between, Canva can handle it all.

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